Minimig on v2

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  • I really appreciate your ports to v2 and recent bug fixes. Any chance updating the core to a later Minimig build? It seems you are the only one that understands the Minimig core. I'd chip into a bounty if that helped.

    Otherwise, one major request would be to map the C64 keyboard to the Minimig core. I'd absolutely love to be able to use the 64 keyboard and not a ps/2 one on the breakout cable.

    Unfortunately it's not just a case of stripping out the old Minimig logic and replacing it with the updated version. The original Minimig and other FPGA platforms have a dedicated microcontroller to deal with the SD card, menus, etc. On the TC64 the core needs to implement these functions using a second CPU instance, replacing the microcontroller. The existing core uses a second instance of the TG68 CPU for this, but it almost certainly won't fit alongside the newer, larger Minimig logic - so I need to find a much smaller CPU that will either run reliably at 113MHz, or has fast enough throughput at 28MHz, or add another clock to the design - and then port the firmware and bootloader to the new CPU, then update the firmware to be in sync with the new core - then add an extra port to the new SDRAM controller to serve the new CPU - and hope that it all still fits! It's still part of my long-term plan, but it's competing for my time with other less daunting projects! I'm also aware that if I'm going to do it, I should do it in a clean enough manner that the work can be leveraged to port other cores in future.

    Adding C64 keyboard support is certainly something I'd like to do in future. I'm still considering the best way to achieve it.