ACA500 Plus A1 error on display

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  • Hello!

    We have a unit here not working on any of the 3 A500 units, cleaned connectors, tried with the CA PSU and everytime you switch on it starts counting up around 02 (floppy drive clicks) and then A1 is displayed, and on the TV screen, a green with moving diagonal black lines is displayed.

    We have 2 other ACA500 units and they both work fine on these A500 units


  • No, this was fresh out of the box from the last order (not one delivered yesterday) The one you're maybe talking about was one that arrived DOA to the customer? We found the issue, there was a bent pin on the BOOT CF card slot shorting out other pins, so we are replacing the CF card slot, the customer paying for that to be done.

  • We do test each and every unit before it gets it's warranty ID, so "DOA" is impossible - I'll have to check with the author of the menu system what code is executed when A1 is displayed.


  • In any case - if a unit doesn't work out of the box, something is fishy. We not only test each and every unit, but we have documentation about it. So a bent pin on a CF slot would either be documented here (please share the warranty ID, so I can check the QC pictures), or it happened somewhere else.


  • The bent pin unit is being dealt with by us, it is obvious it was done by the customer by mistake by using a CF card with a broken pin already in it or just a little too forceful, they have accepted it was their fault and paying for it to be fixed by us. The reason I bought it up as I thought the customer posted in this forum about it.

    All I'm focused on is the unit with the A1 error when its switch on. Warranty 2TENQ

  • A1 is not shown on menu startup - it will only be shown after selecting a configuration. So I have to assume that the card has been configured to not show the menu, but start into a certain config on startup. Just bring up the menu by holding the left mouse button down and change that config, then double-check that the card isn't set to any higher maximum clock than 14MHz (global menu), as the card will always switch to maximum allowed clock during Kickstart unpacking, no matter what speed you've selected in the menu.


  • This is a strong indication that the card was inserted the wrong way round: In that case, data lines D1 and D2 are on +12V and -12V, respectively. The new ACA500plus that we currently ship *should* survive that user error, but this has only been verified with original PSUs and our CA-PSU. Last week, we've found that if you're using a MeanWell-based PSU, you still blow the DisMo and the 9572XL CPLD, because the -12V rail is over-powered.

    I know that you're still an advocate of those known-bad PSUs, and you wrote that you have used the CA-PSU at a later stage only.

    In any case, we're the only ones who can repair that defect. Send the unit back.