Image shifted to the right when playing games

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  • Using ECS V2. Setup my workbench perfectly centered on 640x512 PAL Interlaced. But when I load WHDLoad games, the display shifts to the right. If I quit back to workbench, all okay.

    Any ideas how to fix ?

  • You set the picture position for every screenmode individually. If you set WB on PAL interlaced, this will only be used for games if they also use PAL interlaced. Please edit the mode that your preferred game is using and save these settings.

  • Jens,

    After spending over 45 minutes fiddling with the settings, I still don't understand how to make this work.

    My workbench is set to 640x512 PAL. All is good.

    When I WHDLoad a game (say Arkanoid, or whatever), it loads okay, but then the game screen shifts towards the right. There is a big dark border to the left, and it is truncated on the right. When I exit back to WB, all is back to normal.

    I copied over my 640x512 setting, changed the setting to 640x256, even tried to offset the horizontal display to the left, but still, nothing happens. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to make this work.

    Can someone please help? It's obvious I am missing something.

    Thank you

  • When I WHDLoad a game (say Arkanoid, or whatever), it loads okay, but then the game screen shifts towards the right.

    Can you snap a picture of the OSD output when that happens? This will tell us which config slot has been chosen by the hardware.

  • Hello Jens,

    here's the thing, when the game start, there is no switchover from the Indivision, hence no OSD output.

    Attached are 3 pictures:

    - the 1st one with the blue background is my standard workbench in 640x512 PAL, you can see the OSD output.

    - the 2nd one is just as I am launching the game, when WHDLoad starts.

    - the last picture shows the game just as it is loaded, as you can see it is shifted to the right.

    Upon quitting the game, everything comes back to normal just like the first 2 pictures.

  • This looks like your WB overscan setting is shifted to the left, which in turn means that some (probably not all) games appear shifted to the right.

    Please open prefs/overscan and move your WB to the right - this will most likely fix it for the moment.

    We currently have an update in the works that allows displaying more overscan area on the right (16 more pixels). If you find that shifting your WB to the right does not show all pixels, you may need to wait for that update.

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