buddha plus one Compatibility problems and Issues

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  • I bought a new and improved buddha plus one IDE adapter on my A3000t, I moved my buddha IDE to my other A3000T, no I don't have 2, I have 3 A3000Ts, one with a VideoToaster also A2000HD, A3000D, A1200 and A4000 with VideoToaster. I found major issues with new adapter.

    1. It is NOT backwards compatible with the buddha ide, you can't use your HD with the b+1, you must remove any buddha.scsi devices, drivers on the HD or the Amiga will hang.

    2. To format the CF card with CD support you must set the CD drive to MASTER and run the buddha install program.

    The CD needs to be in the IDE port next to the CF card. The other IDE port is:


    UNIT= (0 or 1).


    You must see the install CD prompt so you know the CD will be mounted. In your Devs/DOSdrivers if you don't see BCD0 get it from the STORAGE folder and move it over and edit it to the following.

    DEVICE=2nd.buddha. device



    Save it and double click on it and you should see your CD disk icon pop up, if it doesn't re check your BCD0 mountlist entry and reboot.

    If you need to use a HD set to SLAVE. I use a Female to Male IDE cable to connect the CD and the HD on the same buddha's IDE connector, or connect the HD to the other IDE connector, be sure you remove the DOM and the JUMPER before connecting the HD.

    Save it and double click on it and you should see your CD disk icon pop up, if it doesn't re check your BCD0 mountlist entry and reboot.

    3. The other choice is to install it on a HD and then copy the HD to the CF card, besure to name the CF card WB partition to WBc as to not confuse it with your WB partition on your HD. then you can rename it to WB after you remove your HD.

    This information is not in the manual.

  • Jens or Timms

    I cannot install the CD drive on the CF card using the buddha install. I have ONLY the CF card and my CD on 2nd.buddha.device set to SLAVE and the buddha minus one will NOT load the CD drivers. I also tried the CD as MASTER. The ONLY way I can use the buddha minus one is with a HD and CD by using the either of the two IDE ports, then the CD works, and I can install OS3.2 from CD. The CF slot is useless as has OS3.1 from the DOM on it. Need help asap.

  • For an A3000 or any other accelerated Amiga, I wouldn't ahve recommended to upgrade the controller in the first place, as the improvements over the old one are marginal, and hardly usable if you have memory and a faster CPU already. In that case, only the CF card slot is an actual improvement, as you can connect 4 IDE/Atapi devices and a CF card, so a total of five devices.

    While this makes life a little easier, especially when you're setting up a new system with CF card and CD, I don't think that the extra money is worth it.


  • I needed another buddha IDE adapter for my two A3000Ts that I bought, I only paid $400 for both, one with VideoToaster 4000 a DataFlyer with cabinet on wheels for up to 12 SCSI drives and a TBC, that I need to cleanup. There were 2x 5.25 full height Seagate 9gb each drives and 2x Qantum and 2x Connor that I was able to format 2 other Quantum drives were dead, motor would not spin. I may be looking for another buddha hopefully on ebay if I can find a used buddha IDE, at close to 150 each whit shipping and VAT is getting expensive from you. I just acquired an A4000 with Toaster, TBC that I need to clean up. These came from a video production company. I saved them from the crusher.

    I can't send you any pictures as I still get an unknown error occurred during the upload message.

  • at close to 150 each whit shipping and VAT is getting expensive from you.

    VAT is automatically deducted from the amount as soon as you enter the US delivery address. However, you might want to check Amiga of Rochester, they just started carrying iComp products in the US, so shipping is not that expensive any more.