Video Toaster Flyer.

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  • Jens

    I recently bought two A3000 Towers with 2 SCSI HDs, one of which has a Video Toaster 4000, TBC, Toaster Flyer with 6 bay SCSI cablet on wheels with 6 SCSI hard drives and a A3640 card. The other A3000 has a bad P/S which I repaired, (bad pin on the power connector going to the power switch) both motherboards booted up after I removed all the mouse crap, piss, and battery damage from all of the motherboards and cards.

    Does anyone know if the Toaster Flyer can be used without the Video Toaster as a standalone second SCSI card?

    I also bought a A2000 with GVP A4008 SCSI card with 4 megs RAM and an DBK MegAChip Ram Expansion Board to have 2megs of chip ram.

    I connected the HDs to my A3000T to read the drives but only two of the 8 drives could my Amiga 3000T would detect, but the GVP found 3 more drives which I could format them no problem. When I connected them to my A3000T it still would not detect them. I check for the termination power on pin 24 of the external SCSI connector and I do have 5 volts, I also have the latest WD SCSI IC version 16, the GVP has version 8. Three of the SCSI drives are 68 pin wide connector with an68 to 50 pin adapter and neither the A3000T nor the GVP HD controllers would connect to these HDs. Anyone has any solution to this issue please respond.

  • I finally found the problem with my SCSI drives not being detected. All I had to do was to add the 3 SCSI terminators on the A3000T motherboard and all is working fine, even my SCSI JAZ drive was detected and mounted.