ACA500plus Mass Storage options

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  • Hi,

    I was using a dvd-rom drive (with his own power supply!) on my deneb and rapid-road (A1200/A500). Works like a charm.

    But since all my amiga's have a network adapter, its rearly used. I just mount what i need over my network with smbfs. This is just as fast and also great to make a backup to a NAS or PC. Works great, but not for WHDLoad, some games/demo's will work, some not.

    I also did use ZIP and JAZ in the past for backups, but they become more unreliable now. And this way i dont need them any more.

  • There is no direct way of connecting an optical or ZIP drive to an A500 with ACA500plus. That's because the ACA500plus was designed to work ONLY if directly connected to the main machine. A lot of things really depend on "nothing in between". However, there are people who are using a single Z2 card on a pass-through adapter. Although this is not recommended, it appears to work for them, and they have accepted that product support has ended for them.

    The better solution (in my opinion) appears to be using the X-SUrf-500 and connecting to a machine that has these drives connected. The latest SAMBA package works really great, so mounting another computer's CD or ZIP drive is probably the most convenient thing to do.

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