Spurious border on 1280x1024 workbench screen using P96.

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  • I'm getting a spurious border on the right hand side of my workbench screen, which is causing the auto configuration on my BL702 monitor to fail, giving a terribly distorted image. I guess the monitor thinks the image is slightly wider than it should be. I can correct it by manually adjusting the pixel clock on the monitor, though its a bit of a chore to do this every time.

    My configuration:

    A4000 with Cybervision64.

    Benq BL702 monitor.

    Amiga OS (problem occurs on earlier versions of 3.2 as well)

    P96 v 3.4.0 (problem occurs on earlier versions too)

    Only occurs on 1280x1024 at 8 bit (256 colours). Other screenmodes, including 1280x1024 16 bit, do not have this problem.

    Only occurs on workbench, the test/edit screens in P96 prefs are OK.

    Border appears to be 2 pixels wide, and grey colour.

    Enabling border blanking in P96 prefs has no effect.

    Changing the parameters of the screenmode (refresh rate, pixel clock, etc) has no effect.

    Any suggestions?

  • Since posting the message above, I have tried two different monitors, one a CRT, the other a Dell LCD. Both had the spurious border. The auto calibration on the Dell did not corrupt the image, instead it was simply shifted two pixels to the left.

    I have also tried a different graphics card, a Retina Z3 BLT. This card does not have the problem.

  • I tried playing around with the border values, but whatever I did, I always still had as a minimum those two extra border pixels on the right of the workbench screen. Even when the right of the screen was slightly cropped when viewed using the test/edit screens.

    In any case, I kind of solved the problem by changing the horizontal position values. The spurious border is still there, but now the BL702 seems to ignore it when using the auto configuration, so the screen now displays properly and those extra pixels are also no longer visible. Given that the other monitor didn't have problems, I guess the BL702 was just being a bit picky or something.