Indivision AGA MK3 Vs. LCD Monitor Display Info

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  • Hello,

    When I select an Indivision Mode for a PAL resolution with a VGA mode that has a 60hz refresh rate, the Indivision display info shows 50hz, but the monitor display info shows 60hz. What is the actual refresh rate of the display? Thanks!

  • The OSD of Indivision will show the *source* refresh rate, so 50Hz is correct (that's what PAL is). Depending on the output you've chosen, the vertical frequency will be higher. If your monitor displays 60Hz, that's most likely accurate. Since I can't tell how you've set up your Indivision without further information or a crystal ball, I have to assume that the product does what it's advertised for. After all, it does that for lots of other customers :-)


  • Hi Jens,

    I presumed that this was the case. The Dell monitor I am using (1920x1080 native) looks great with the Pre 1280x1024 60hz mode for NTSC low/high resolution. But I can’t get the 50hz mode to work.

    I’m using HDMI for the monitor from the Indivision. This monitor can display a native 15khz signal with an RGB to VGA cable. But the Indivision looks more crisp than the native display, and the ability to add scan lines is a great feature. Thanks!