Picasso IV: 'No Board' in Picasso96Mode

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  • Hi.

    Just installed P96 3.3, and Picasso96Mode only shows 'No Board' in the 'Attach settings to...' menu.

    If I uninstall v3.3, and install P96 v2.1b, card shows up as 'Board 0: Picasso IV' and works fine

    (Also worked fine before on same machine with OS 3.9 and 2.1b)

    OS: OS install made from scratch today, Just MMUlib and Roadshow installed.

    HW: A4000T, BFG9060, Kickstart 3.2.2, Ariadne (and AD516, but no software installed for it yet)

    Everything shows as working in Early Boot Menu/Expansions

    Matze says on a1k that PicassoIV does not work well in two top most zorro slots with BFG at 100mHz due to bus timing, (and he made some new active bus terminators that fix it) but I put my PicassoIV in the lower slot with a cable to the flicker fixer in the video slot, and it works fine with 2.1b.

    Any ideas?


    Best regards,

    Frode Hansen (fgh)

  • The installer scrip does ask you what driver to install in the install script. I believe you've selected Picesso4 there?

    If you have it running with V2.1b, there may be older versions of drivers on your harddrive. Please make sure to not mix versions.


  • Oh, and I just remembered that Kick3.2 had some trouble with Z3 auto-configuration, but I don't remember the details. You might want to check the Hyperion support forum, or try 3.1 ROM chips if you have any.

  • It's a clean OS install made from scratch today, v3.3 was the first version installed.
    Picasso IV was auto-selected during install and I didn't select any other cards.

    (I installed 2.1b afterwards, after running the uninstall script of 3.3.)

    It works fine with Kick 3.2 and P96 2.1b.

  • I did notice the 3.3.3 install script didn't copy over a Cirrus chip driver -- not recalling at the moment if this was PicassoIV related or not. But I would check the LIBS: area to see if 2.1b has a Cirrus chip driver and if 3.3.3 didn't.

  • Also, just as a simple cross-check, pelase see if "showconfig" does really show the Picasso 4 card.

    Other than that, you might want to try the new prefs program, as it's usability is vastly improved over the old one.


  • Hi,

    I have the same issue as the original poster except I am running kickstart 3.1, os3.14, and a Picasso IV on an Amiga 2000. My install is a fresh install as well. The Picasso IV board is detected thought the install process and no other boards were selected.. Other than selecteing 'intermediate mode' at the start of the install process, i took all the defaults.

    I am getting the following error when the computer is booting up below:

    'Could not create 'graphics board content' for Picasso IV.

    How do I completely un-install the v3.3 software install so I can download and try the older versions of P96 until I find one that resolves the original issue? I may start with v2.1b and go from there since it seems to work well.



  • Could this be a memory issue? PIV in an A2000 means that a lot of Z2 space is taken up, and you'll need considerable amount of fastmem in order to use RTG. This may cause trouble, depending on the accelerator you're using.


  • I have a 3000D with OS installed and a PIV. Brand new install. I have run into the same issue of version 3.3.3 not finding my board. I dropped back to version 2.0 and Picasso96mode found my board. I then took the files in the Picasso directory in LIBS: and replaced them with the same files from 3.3.3. (I checked and they all were higher versions than 2.0) I also replaced the picasso96API.library in LIBS: with the 3.3.3 version. Lastly I replaced the 2.0 version Picasso96mode in PREFS: with the 3.3.3 version. It's running fine now but it's not ideal to get it going in this way. It seems like the 3.3.3 installer maybe has a bug? Or Something in 3.2 is causing issues? In any case, is there anything else I would need to do to have a complete 3.3.3 install?

  • We've found a bug in the installer: The Cirrus5446 chip driver is not automatically installed. Right now, this must be done manually, but it'll be fixed with the next update. This *may* already be the solution to this problem. If it isn't, we'll need a "showconfig" output, so we can cross-check if your hardware may have a different revision that needs special attention (which I doubt - speculation territory!).


  • Thanks for that. I actually went back and uninstalled my 2.0/3.3.3 combination and started from scratch with 3.3.3 only. I took 4 photos along the way. This is the early board diagnostic and it does see the PIV board.

    I then installed 3.3.3. and this is showconfig

    The prefs program shows this

    Finally I copied the Cirrus file over to libs:picasso96, did a reboot and

    It's definitive enough for me :) Thanks for the quick feedback!

  • IMO, there is no further investigation required. This issue has the current workaround of copying the Cirrus5446 driver manually to the P96 installation. THe next update will have the installer fixed.