Slowdown video with ACE2B

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  • I just installed an ACE2B in my amiga 500 rom 1.3.
    I am annoyed because I observe many slowdowns within the games and also some display bugs.
    The 2 MB are recognized under the workbench. I specify that I also have an ECS V2 joint possession in this same amiga.
    How to remedy these problems?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Sounds like PAL games that you're attempting to run in NTSC mode. If possible, specify the right screenmode, this will run the games in their "native" screen mode.

  • If you have a newer kickstart version, you can enter early startup menu by holding down both mouse buttons during power-up or during a reset. This will take you to the early startup menu, where you can switch between PAL and NTSC with the space key.

    Another way of switching to PAL is the boot block that Timm has programmed some time ago - we should put that in the Wiki at some point. If I remember right, it's only been published in a support thread.

  • Ok, thanks for that answer.
    I will try as soon as possible.
    It still seems strange to me because I observe the phenomenon only when the number of displayed sprites becomes numerous.

  • That sounds like the phenomenon called "Turrican slowdowns" - are you using an accelerator?

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