When inserted in C64, what is done in FPGA vs C64HW

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  • Hello,

    There is a discussion over at FB as to what happens when the TC is inserted in the C64. There is a misconception about the

    TC being just a FPGA-machine even when inserted in the C64 and that it just uses the C64 keyboard and IO ports but the rest is

    happening in the FPGA.

    So -- I want to make sure I get a fact-based reply from you guys to make sure that the users are 100% up to date what is done in FPGA

    and what is left done in the C64 when used in cartridge-mode with a C64.

    Q: When the TC is inserted in the C64 and you use the VGA out, what remaining hardware in the C64 is used (vic, sid, memory etc.) ?

    Some say that the TC is just a Vampire for the C64 and that everything happens in the TC even when plugged in. I would like to clear

    up the facts and present a proper reply to the users over at FB so that we make sure all is aware about the facts ASAP before

    false facts starts to arise.

    I figured it was best to go directly to you guys for the source of this information to make sure it is 100% correct.