Is there a SD-Card Limitation ?

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  • I was wondering if the TC64V2 would accept a SD card as large as 128GB ? I bought one in advance and have planned to fill it with all my preferred junk, but not I am afraid I might have gone over the top and bought a card (Samsung uSD with adapter 128GB) which is not compatible with the TC64V2.

    Is there some size-limit currently, or is it a trial and error type of situation where I will just find out when I try it ?

  • Chameleon supports MMC, SD, SDHC - the limits are described in the manual. SDXC cards will NOT work (some might work when reformatted to FAT32, but that is unsupported right now)

  • It's possible, but its not on the todo list right now. You'll already have a hard time filling up a 32GB SDHC card with C64 stuff :)

    True -- with C64 stuff, yes. But I will also use it for Amiga :) But, 32GB should be enough--but I just threw $26 out the windows for the 128GB card. Hehe....oh well, I will find use for it somewhere, sometime I guess. Now I have to run and go buy a SDHC 32GB. My TC64 tracking# says it's in customs so the customs officer must now play a c64 game for it to pass inspection ;-)