Silversurfer on a 20th Anniversary Buddha.

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  • I have a working original silversurfer that i have taken out of an A1200.

    I have plugged it onto the clockport of a BuddhaIDE card. It will only fit one way round. And i checked with a meter which two corners are GND and GND on the buddha and the silversurfer. And fitted accordingly.

    I can not seem to get the silversurfer to work. I am trying to connect Amiga and PC with Amiga Explorer.

    This works on the A1200.

    I have read the support page and it says something about the port being located on even addresses. I have checked in Showconfig and the Buddha Flash IDE is at Memory Address

    $00EA0000. So am i missing a setting somewhere. Is there a file i must edit or where do i put the eight registers for the Silversurfer.

    Any help would be appreciated. Many Thanks

  • The A2000 with the Buddha and Silversurfer has a TF536 50mhz 68030 card with 64mb memory.

    It has an ACE2B Chipmem card. A 8mb Zorro Memory card. An X-Surf-100 Card Also.

    I have clicked on the AExplorer Icon and edited the line from Serial.device to Silversurfer.device.

    Silversurfer.device is in Devs directory.

    What else am i missing ????

  • A catchup on this. I got it working. Firstly i tried a hyperCOM1.device on the BuddhaIDE and i got it working. The i tried the silversurferdevice on a second BuddhaIDE i have in the A2000 and once i had the settings. All is good and working.

  • Firstly i tried a hyperCOM1.device on the BuddhaIDE and i got it working.

    That's surprising, as the old Hypercom drivers need a server (or was it a resource tool? can't remember!) that *should* see the different UART chip of the Silversurfer. Anyway, the silversurfer.device is good, and it works stand-alone. You should remove all Hypercom software from the computer, as it may interfere.

    When we introduced the VarIO card, we've also supported the Silversurfer in that software. It has a similar structure to the Hypercom software in that it uses a tool that is launched early in the startup-sequence and checks for silversurfers in all kinds of places. Since you've got it working now, this is just academic knowledge - just go with "never change a running system" now :-)