ACA 500 plus suddenly stop working

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  • No as stated on the paper I enclosed on the package as you pointed me on your instructions to return a card to repair there are all the information about the card I bought used with my email address so I think you would have written me something. I write here on the forum because I can't find any other way to communicate to you about the status of my card. Correct me if there is an address to use to know the status of a reparation. Thanks

  • This forum is fine, but I need a way to match this thread to an ACA500plus. I only know that one card arrived, but it may not be yours, that's why I'm asking for the warranty ID. You write as a guest, so I don't even know your eMail address - otherwise I'd have a chance to search the shop system for your order. In other words: You're making it as difficult as possible for me to provide good service :-)

  • You don't have to use this forum to reply me on the card package there is a letter with all the problems explained and with my email address that's btw nard8m at