Startup Requester - cannot open buddhascsi.device

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  • I am currently experimenting with a Pistorm on my A2000.

    I am booting OS 3.2 from the Pistorm and I have my CD-ROM installed on the 2nd IDE port of the Buddha.

    Upon bootup, I get a requester stating 'cannot open buddhascsi.device' and another 'close the following windows: cache cdfs'.

    Of course there is no such error if I boot from a drive connected to the buddha rather than the pistorm.

    Any help resolving this appreciated. Thank-you.

  • The Buddha ROM has a memory-saving routine in place that won't install the buddhascsi.device in memory if there is no drive found. Looks like this is triggered, as the CD-drive is not seen as a drive. We'll have to experiment with that; Timm is currently on an updated installer that also includes CD-Rom installation. He could include "CD-Rom only installed" into the test-loop.

    The obvious solution is to also have buddhascsi.device as a file located in your DEVS: directory of the "other" mass storage device.

  • >> The obvious solution is to also have buddhascsi.device as a file located in your DEVS: directory of the "other" mass storage device.

    Thank-you Jens. I will give this a try.

    Where can I find a copy of buddhascsi.device ?

  • We've discussed this internally: In the device does not load at boot-time, then a device from harddrive won't load either, because it does not find any connected device,

    You should instead try to check jumper settings of connected devices. Could it be that the CD drive is jumpered to "slave" and there is no "master" on that cable?

    Did you try the new installer that was released last week?

  • Jens,

    I found the manual for this CD drive on the web.

    There are 3 possible drive configurations::



    cable select

    I have no jumpers set, therefore, no mode is actually set.

    I don't know what the default mode is.

    (would such info be available from the Amiga side?)

    Furthermore, I can say that the unit is connected to the second IDE port.

    As for the new installer, I did download the new upgrader and my DOM was upgraded.

    I don't currently have a need to re-install WB to any new device so I have not tried the installer.

    I have put (replaced) the vampire back into the amiga simply for the fact that it has onboard networking.

    This is very convenient as I have access to my NAS from the Amiga.

    Once network support is available for Pistorm/EMU86, I guess the Pistorm may become a

    permanent fixture and then having the CD drive available to the system would be nice.