Indivision ECS V2 Suggestion

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  • Hi,

    My Monitor can be set up to automatically switch to the active input. I have my Vampire's HDMI out on HDMI 1 and the Indivision ECS v2 connected to the VGA Input (obviously). The Vampire shuts off its Video when the Native Amiga output is used. My monitor then switched automatically to the VGA input (The Indivision ECS v2). Using the Power Save option for the desired Amiga mode, it takes 30 seconds (the power save default) to switch back to the Vampire's HDMI input once the Native Amiga screen mode app is closed, I do like the Power Save feature but can a user timeout be implemented in future releases, such as 5 to 30 seconds? This would be a great feature plus drastically shortening the automatic switching process (other than manual).


  • Indivision ECS V2 power saving is tied to the native Amiga output: When the output is "all black", a timer inside the flicker fixer starts running. This should not be too short, as there are programs that display nothing, but play audio with a black screen. Indivision ECS V2 cannot make a difference between such intentional black screens and a black screen that is there because P96 output is used.

    Further, Indivision ECS V2 does not see the reset signal (not available on the Denise socket!), so just writing to a register to disable the VGA Sync signals is not a good idea, as the picture would not come back on a reset.

    I do have an idea how to resolve this without causing negative side-effects. If this turns out to be viable, it will be a combination of firmware update to Indivision ECS V2 and an update to P96. We're now discussing this internally.

  • Jens,

    Thanks for the reply. If this could be accomplished it would be a nice feature to have.

    On a side note, you guys make awesome hardware! I own several of your products and they are all top notch. My Amiga(s) and myself thank you.