GBAPII++: Possible to build in the card file?

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  • Hi! I've got a GBAPII++ card, which uses the P96-bundled Piccolo SD64 driver. However, installing it is a bit of a kludge: you have to first tell P96 you're installing the Piccolo SD64, delete that monitor file, copy in a different monitor file from Aminet, and copy in a different settings/card file from Aminet. Is there any chance the P96 installer could just be enlightened to know about the GBAPII++, especially since it's just adding a card file and no additional drivers? Thanks!

  • I have discussed this with the authors of the GBAPII driver, and all they came up was a legal document that raises too many red flags. They didn't want to make it as simple as "including", and I don't want to open a door for a random person to dismantle my company. Sorry.

  • Yes, we're talking about that same thing. The license clearly says:

    "Do whatever you want with this, if you do it for private use"

    The P96 archive is commercial. The offered contract, which was written by an unrelated party, did not involve any payment, so it looked like "free beer" at first glance. However, it does not change the license, and the author can't even do that, as his work is partially based off work by different people who aren't even known to MastaTabs (the author of the driver). Naturally, he doesn't want to take the risk and accept any liability that may be raised against iComp for inclusion of that driver in a commercial package. However, without full knowledge about all authors involved, I cannot include the file.

    Just accept that it's a DIY-thing. I know that this card has been offered by commercial parties in the past (and they pop up on eBay every now and then, clearly not commercial... cough), but in the end, there's not a single entity that you can go to and say "make it work!" in case it doesn't do what you want it to. It would even put me in the rather bad position of having to diagnose a problem without first knowing if it's P96- or hardware related. Yes, I do work for the Amiga/Retro community, and I currently choose to do it without a salary. However, I have to limit this work to an amount that makes sense, and I have to make sure that none of my actions backfires on my ability to pay salaries of my employees.