Facebook Group for the TC64

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  • I have asked the group members if they had anything against the group going public. I wanted to ask the group before doing so -- out of politeness.

    I think the nice thing about having a FB group is that so many users are on the C64 and Amiga group so it's nice to use the same platform.

    I'll report back ASAP about the public status.

    PS! I only use FB because so any c64 and amiga users use it for the private groups. They are a nice place to keep in touch with the scene.

  • Jens : It was voted on, and even though the group is just a few hours old, we're already 36 members. The group is closed to allow for easier moderation. So, for now, we'll keep it as a non-public group.

    PS! If none of you are on FB, I would say that you can reach a lot of your buyers if you were to join the amiga and the c64 groups (tens of thousands of members) for promoting new products. I am sure you guys know about this and I am also aware that FB itself it uncool is so many ways (privacy etc) but it is what it is and it is where many people gather for retro-discussions. But everyone would love to see you guys there, so...join if you have the resources/time for it.

  • How about "open to read"? Not sure if that's an option, but that looks like the only way that we can look into that group.

    There is no scenario that I can think of where I'd join FB. We have a nicely working platform for customer communication here, and it's compliant with European data protection laws :-)

  • I tried to see if "open for reading" is possible, but FB says NO :-/ It's either Public or Private. I agree -- it should have had such an option so that non-members could read but not post.

    ThE FB group kicked off and has 60+ members. Lots of ppl in the commodore64/128 group weren't aware of the TC64 so I am doing my best to tell about it and promote its awesomeness. Hope you see more orders now that more are aware of it. If the group helps you guys sell more, then that is a great thing.

    ooh....you mean Facebook aren't GDPR compliant ? ;-) ;-) ;-)