Buying extra VGA cable for IndiECS V2?

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  • The cable has been the same since the very first Indivision AGA with VGA output. Not sure if I published the pinout in the WIki, but I did reveal the pinout in support eMails, and we also have spare cables in stock, so no trouble there. The cable is trivial, and even i in some distant future we don't have any left, you will be able to make your own.

  • I can't exactly say what the cost of the cable is - it's currently in a huge LO-calc file for the Indivision ECS V2 project and would have to be extracted - no time for that yet.

    The pinout looks like it's the old one from the very first version without the cross-connection to the VGA shield from digital ground. Other than that, it looks correct (from memory, didn't start the CAD system).

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