Buddha 20Year not keeping Flash

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  • New Buddha bought 8/1/2021 delivered unflashed and not working. Flashed card with command BuddhaFlashTool Buddha_ROM_52-101.bin everything works fine but if I leave the computer off for a couple days I need to reflash again. Any help would be appreciated thank you.

  • Please send me an e-Mail with your order ID. To simplify things, please just reply to the eMail you got from our shop system; that has the ID in the subject line, and the eMail will end up in my inbox.

    The easiest thing for all of us would be if I send you a new chip, which you can put into the socket. If you don't feel confident enough to remove the old chip from the socket, we'll have to ship the controller back and forth - let me know what you prefer.