ACA 630 not working with ROM 3.2

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  • Hello,

    Update my one A600 with ROM 3.2 and first panic and shock.

    After some test is confirmed: ACA 630 not working (only black screen, no disk click, not possible enter to Early setup) together with ROM 3.2

    (3.1.4 works ok), A600 rev. 2.D, "A300" or too rev.1.5 - problem is 100% ACA 630 vs. ROM 3.2

    Please any idea and reason? Know problem or new info?

    Regards, Sveta

  • The ACA630 uses Z3 Autoconfig, and that's broken in 3.2-Kickstart V47.96. Please use V47.97 or higher - we have reported to Hyperion that it works, and I am fed up with people coming here, claiming that my hardware fails, where it's the new ROM that's at fault.