P96 v3.1.2 not available in downloads

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  • Hi Jens, et al,

    I tried to download the new version of P96 (v3.1.2) but it is not available. Only v3.0 and v3.02 are available for me to download.

    Here is my order information:

    Order date
    Order number Total Status
    20.11.2020 87571 13,47 € Download-paid

    Vielen Dank!


  • My mistake. There is no problem.

    I was looking at the date of the folder inside the downloaded archive but not the contents of the folder.

    It appears I have the v3.1.2.

    Apologies for the confusion.

  • HI Jens. I also cant see download for new picasso 3.2. Lost two slots for old downloads. Please check my account and give me proper link.

    Order dateOrder numberTotalStatus
    20.03.2021 94783 9.40Euro