Gigatron TTL computer core

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  • Hoi All,

    I'm back... sorta... still recovering, but never mind that, I brought you a present.

    An implementation of the gigatron TTL computer for the Chameleon. Including an emulation of pluggy the PS/2 adapter. The blinken-lights are mapped to the PS/2 numlock, capslock, scrolllock and the red LED on the chameleon (as there are only 3 LEDs on the keyboard). Green LED is same as numlock.

    Remember: Flashy little shiny things = good.

    PS/2 cursor keys map to joystick (you can also use the joystick port 1 on the dockingstation).
    Delete/End is button A

    Insert/Home is button B.

    PageUp is start

    PageDown is select (which changes the scanlines and as side effect cpu speed)

    Right button on chameleon does a hardware reset.

    Make sure you select the proper rbf for your platform chameleon1_gigatron.rbf for V1 hardware that is the one with the breakout cable and chameleon2_gigatron.rbf for V2 hardware that has the PS/2 connectors and data usb sticking out on the side. In chaco set "Flash additional Rom" the latest rom image is provided, but any should work (the actual hardware is fairly accurately emulated, it is TTL logic after all).

    Pre-compiled binaries for both V1 and V2 and latest 128k gigatron firmware (select the proper one when flashing!!!)

    Full source code available in my fpga_examples github project.

    More information about the gigatron: