C64r MK2 s-video gives monochrome screen and heatsinks question

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  • Hi,

    First of a wonderful product! I had given up hope of seeing my c64's ever running again!

    Unfortunately I ran into some problems which I hope you can help me with.

    I have equipped all the needed chips salvaged from my old C64's.


    VIC-II: 8565 (75 00 AF61 PAL)

    SID 1 : 8580 (DF 00)

    SID 2 : Unknown (14 00)

    CPU : PHI2 OK (0451)

    MCU : 20180227

    I have put the c64r into a c64c case. This one comes with a metal sheet as heat sink. Unfortunately it doesn't fit over the board. The screw holes in the metal plates don't line up because of the upper left ziff socket.

    As for now I am leaving the metal plate off.

    First question:

    Do I need to arrange some separate cooling solutions for the chips or is the passive cooling enough?

    Everything seems to be working.

    Except the screen is monochrome. I have tried a different VIC chip (6569) as well.

    The C64 is hooked up via S-video to the S-video port of the TV.

    The TV port itself is configured to PAL

    Unfortunately all my old C64's came with an Antenna connection instead of the Video DIN one. So I don't have any cables lying around to test it.

    Second Question:

    Is there something I can try to get the colors back? Perhaps some setting I overlooked somewhere?
    I'll be buying a new S-video to tulip connector cable when the stores are open again.

  • passive cooling is OK, especially the 85xx (NMOS) chips dont become hot enough to justify extra cooling :)

    regarding the colors - you should get them (of course). perhaps the cable is broken? (and what is a "tulip connector"?)

  • I would try another cable (if the sVideo jack is in the TV it self).

    Note that most modern scart connectors don't utilise chroma/luma (Just RGB and Composite). Instead its treated as composite so you only see the luminance.

    For composite video i would use the DIN connector for video instead.

  • Thank you for the replies!

    It was indeed a cable issue. I purchased an S-video to scart cable and it works like a charm.

    Unfortunately I now ran into another problem. It appears one of the 6526 chips is defective as my joystick keeps going down, even when no joystick is connected.
    When I swap the two 6526 between CIA#1 to #2 the C64 won't even boot and give a garbled screen.

    Are there any tricks to clean up the pins of the chip or do I need to look for a replacement? (mind you, I don't have a multi meter or knowledge on how to use one)

  • If you believe that there's a contact problem between the CIA chips and the socket(s), you can move the chips sideways in the closed sockets. This will scratch the pins against the socket contacts, and it solves most of the contact problems that there may be.

  • Ha, I get monochrome on my stock! Perhaps my CIA chips have suffered a similar fate. I did in fact have trouble

    with my 1541UltimateII not noticing my stock 1541 or my stock 1541-II. I also have buzzing and its not my SID.

    My CPU is also very fine.

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