Monstro Giganto game doesn't work on Chameleon

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  • I'm trying to play Monstro Giganto on my Chameleon v1 in a docking station. The EasyFlash image mounts correctly however all I get is a blue BASIC screen with four inverse letters - "ABCC" the same every time. I'm using the latest 9o firmware with no turbo or other unusual settings. Other EasyFlash and cart images work fine. Debug overlay shows the C64 is still running.

    I've also used the SD card in my Ultimate 64 with an adapter successfully, so I know my SD card isn't corrupt.

    Is it a known issue?


  • could you point to the file you are using?

    found it. it seems to work for me - what exactly are you doing to make it crash? did you patch the files yourself to create the EF image? if so, did you try it in an emulator to make sure it works?