[Indivision MK3] How to get different settings for Highres-Laced ?

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  • The Pre 800x600 PAL preset is used both for PAL LOWRES and HIRES - I mean standard games.. But some games are using Hires-Laced

    like SlamTilt.. I noticed that the settings from preset don't work - no darken scanlines

  • I Think this is correct. Laced means to full resolution (512 resp. 576 Pixels instead of 256 (288) ). So also on CRT there was (theroetcly) no Space for the Black Scan Lines.

  • Confirmed - scanlines can only be inserted when the source-screen is non-laced. On a "real CRT", scanlines don't exist either when the picture is interlaced. Technically they do, but you don't notice, because they're filled with the next half-frame.

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