When I can get one - I'm in the US

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  • and the Ohio tax of 8%

    Are you really paying that? I thought all mail-ordered goods from a different state are exempt from local sales tax? Granted, Germany is not a US state, so rules may be different.

    Our shop system (and to my knowledge, no shop system on the planet) does not show your local import fees. It can't possibly know all the worldwide regulations and exempts.

  • Are you really paying that? I thought all mail-ordered goods from a different state are exempt from local sales tax? Granted, Germany is not a US state, so rules may be different.

    Our shop system (and to my knowledge, no shop system on the planet) does not show your local import fees. It can't possibly know all the worldwide regulations and exempts.

    Well the shop doesn't even show US dollars so I don't know what will be the exact total when I do a good shipping service if it had currency conversion it would help me a lot to know what will be the price for one in US Dollars.

  • With today's double-shot at the EUR currency, iComp's products are getting cheaper and cheaper for non-Europeans (Powell nominated for a second term, and more lockdowns in Europe). I can already see more orders from the US since last week, but with the news that broke today around 15:00 (see intraday chart below), I may have to move the next planned price increase to December instead of January, as practically all chip procurement ist paid in USD.

    Note that it's less than a month ago when one EUR bought us 1.17 USD. iComp products are on a 4% discount from your perspective.

    Displaying a different currency in the shop has legal implications. After all, we're in Germany, guided by EU laws where we have to advertise prices including VAT. Right now, the shop system does not allow adding an alternative currency, especially not with floating exchange rates. So if you do not log in, you're shown prices with VAT that won't apply to a shipment to the US. The best thing you can do is to either go forward with the order just before making that final "buy now" click (way past entering an address in the US, which will automatically deduct VAT) to have the total EUR amount displayed. You can then..

    1) ask Google or Yahoo finance to do the conversion for you, which will show the average inter-bank exchange rate

    2) go to PayPal, only to find that in addition to their fees, you get a much worse exchange rate than what Google or Yahoo Finance has been quoting

    3) make an account with wise.com (affiliate link - you'll support iComp and get a free first transfer if you register using this link) and check the total there, including all banking cost. wise.com is a fintech, they'll make you jump through a few loops to confirm your identity, as they need to comply with money laundry laws. However, it's worth it, as they make international transfers really easy, and extremely low-priced for two reasons: Their fees are much lower and their exchange rate is the actual inter-bank exchange rate that you don't get anywhere else. The nice thing about their page is that you enter the EUR amount that's supposed to arrive at the destination, and they can calculate backwards how many dollars that will set you back - fully transparent before you commit to making a transfer. I use them for iComp's international transfers all the time.

  • May i ask if you shipping to the US yet? I've had 2 C64C cases and 2 keyboard brackets in my cart for many months now. If i try to check out there are still no shipping options to the US, FL?

  • Testing our shipping system with the productivity server of UPS was mostly successful: Corrected a few small things with transfer of customs data/electronic invoicing, so that part is taken care of.

    The more complicated thing is calculating a price with the myriads of charges, surcharges, rebates and quirks that the shop system introduces, combined with the decision if the actual weight, or the volume-weight needs to be calculated. I'll spare you the exact formula and cut to the bottom line: A single C64c case shipped to the US with service option "Express saver" will be 46.32 EUR shipping, and two cases are large enough to go into the 10kg cathegory, resulting in 77.51 EUR shipping cost. Three cases in one parcel will be 115.47 EUR shipping cost.

    "Express" is even more expensive: Single C64c case is 59.88 EUR, two cases are 91.6 EUR and a parcel with three C64c cases would be 129.03 EUR.

    The difference between "saver" and "express" is usually one day. My personal choice would be "saver". Shipments to Australia and New Zealand are considerably more expensive, as it's further away, and the peak season surcharge is pretty high. Shipping cost for a single case to Australia with UPS will be 56.25 EUR. If you spend 69.81 EUR, it'll be there one day sooner.

    I'll start adding these shipping rates to the shop system and allow orders this weekend. Might take a few hours.

  • UPS "Express saver" service is now available for all countries, including those that need customs papers (USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand...). Please note that UPS picks up parcels fairly early in the day here - we need your order before 11:00am to be shipped and picked up same-day.

  • A nice round of UPS Express "saver" parcels has been picked up. Looks like lots of people have been hovering above the "buy it now" button. Thanks for the support, and please report how fast it *really* arrived in your location!

  • First parcels to the US have already reached American soil: One parcel to the NY area is even in a delivery truck now, others that left yesterday are scheduled for a December 2nd delivery.

    Totally mixed result for Australia: One parcel scheduled for December 3rd (Sidney area), another one December 8th (near Melbourne). These two parcels appear to be on different flights. In any case, this is WAY faster than any other parcel service we've worked with in the past decade.

  • As an Australian I'm watching with interest. My order - shipped on Nov 13th with Parcel One - has been in limbo somewhere since the 16th. Is it in Belgium? Australia? Somewhere else? No idea. It's probably an Australia Post issue, but I can't tell with the information I have.

    At this stage I can just hope it reappears on the radar somewhere.

    I'm sure it will.

  • Originally, it was due on the 2nd, but came on the 3rd. Minor customs payment. Everything showed up in good condition. So happy. Thanks for getting this all sorted out. even that it was late.. it was really fast shipping from Europe.

  • Minor customs payment.

    Can you describe for others how UPS charged? Did you have to pay at the door, or did they inform you ahead of time, so you could make an online payment? Also, while I know where you're from, just by matching this user name with names in the database, others don't know where exactly on the planet you are. If you're fine with sharing this information, please do, so others know what to expect.

  • The order I had was a bunch of larger/expensive items (case, MB, etc) 45$ CAD (in customs) in the end for shipping to Toronto, Canada. They called me the night it shipped, I could pay on the phone, through the UPS website or at the door through credit card. Box came in good shape. Pretty happy to have my new kit :)