Is ti allowed to hotplug Micromys V5?

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  • Hi,

    I'm considering to buy Micromys V5 in order to be able to use PS2 mouse on the Amiga. But I often use my Amiga for gaming and sometimes I need to unplug mouse and plugin joystick for second player while Amiga is turned on. So my question is, if I use Micromys V5 for mouse, is it allowed to unplug and/or plug it when Amiga is on? Or is that something that is not recommended, or even not allowed?

  • Generally that is no problem. The only thing that may happen is that (sometimes!) the autodetection for the target computer fails, so the mouse will not work correctly. If you are using the Adapter with Amiga only, jumper it accordingly to remove that problem.

  • Great, thanks for the quick response. I need to buy the adapter first but yes, it will be used only with Amiga. Therefore it can be fixed with jumper.

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