Arrow keys as joystick emulation

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  • Hi. Could you add so that those of us who does not have a full numeric keyboard can press PAUSE once to make arrow-keys = joystick-port1 and then if we press PAUSE once more, it's joystick-port2, and back to no no-emu if it's pressed a third time ?


  • "pause" key sends a seven-character sequence over the PS2 lines. That's pretty special, and it's obvious to use it for the one really special key of the C64, the RESTORE key. As you may know, RESTORE will toggle the NMI line of the CPU, but otherwise will have no effect on any IO port of the C64 peripherals.

    If I remember right, the scroll lock key is not yet used for anything special.

  • Scroll lock would work just fine as well. The minimig core uses pause key for this, but since pause on c64core = restore, I agree that using scrlck is a good choice. Thanks for considering adding it.

    PS! The reason I ask is because my keyboard does not have full numpad. This way we can have joy-emu on arrowkeys for those rare occasions when the games plays better with keys vs. a normal joystick.