PS/2 mouse in Op. Wolf does not work

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  • I am trying to use the mouse in Operation Wolf but when I start the game, mouse movement is not working 100%. It moves the aim and I can fire bullets, but i can not properly move the aim around on the screen.

    I have the same problem with Advanced Art Studio.

    Anyone here have some experience with using the connected PS/2 mouse to work with c64 games like Operation Wolf (or programs like Adv. Art Studio) ?

    UPDATE: And when I say that it "does not work" in Op Wolf, what happens is that when I physically move the mouse, the aim just moves in one direction until it ends up in the lower right hand corner. The left mouse button (fire) works fine.

    I was hoping to play Op Wolf with mouse as I have been dreaming of that since the 90's :-D

    (Ps! the mouse works fine as I use it on the minimig core daily)