Setting up Graffiti for Shapeshifter

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  • Hi guys, I hope you're all well.

    After fiddling for 2 weeks with my Indivision mk3 I'm happy to report that everything functions as it should now and I'm really happy about it.

    My last issue is how to setup the Graffiti EVD driver properly. I've downloaded the Graffiti disk on your website and followed the instructions on the manual (multiple of 8, resolution, various recommended settings in Shapeshifter, using the 030-MMU version). The display is corrupted. The emulator starts blurred (you can see a double mouse pointer from the start) then the display changes to different corrupted ways of displaying MacOs sporadically. It's obviously faster which is good but the focus/colors are definitely wrong.

    On the indivision side, I've checked the "Graffiti emulation" box. Is there something I'm missing?

    Regarding my power supply, I'm looking to get another one but for now, no luck. It's my top priority for the Amiga now.

    My setup:

    A1200 rev 1D

    Blizzard 1230 mkIII with 32mb of ram

    Internal 4 gb CF card

    A-power PSU

    KS & WB 3.0 (3.2 on the way)

  • You shouldn't mention the A-Power PSU - that's a red flag here :-) (although likely not the cause of your problem).

    We did fix the Graffiti part, as the SHires-input part was off by a pixel. Please make sure that you're running the latest firmware.

  • Man I'm so frustrated about wasting money for two A-power PSUs when I didn't know they were not recommended. Do you think I atleast can use them on unexpanded A500s ?? Luckily I have 4 iComp PSUs now for my important Amigas.

  • I have IndivisionAGAmk3 v1.9 (14.01.2021) with Firmware version 20210108

    Is that the good one?

    Attached are my Indivision and Shapeshifter's config files. Maybe you can have a look at them, there could be an obvious error :)

    P.S: Would be cool if I could buy a CA-PSU somewhere, I'm looking for it!

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