1233n FPU upgrade

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  • Is there an advantage of adding FPU to 1233n 55?

    None that I could name. Most of the software that needs an FPU is also available as "no FPU version", and if you really want to do number crunching as in "rendering", you're better off taking a faster card. I would not risk the health of the card for "little to no improvement".

  • Just curious - I saw some of the web browsers for Amiga can take advantage of the FPU. Not that web browsing will ever be amazing on a classic Amiga, but perhaps that's a use case if you have need for occasional web usage? (i.e. NetSurf)

    Also if you're (for some reason) emulating a classic Mac on the Amiga, I think the MacOS really likes to have the FPU.

    That said I'm not encouraging the risk of adding the FPU to that accelerator :).

  • The web browsing might be accelerated by a JPG datatype that takes advantage of an FPU. If that has a visible advantage to an integer-based version of a JPG datatype, I'll give you that one :-)