What is the best/fastest SD card to offer best speed ?

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  • Hi.

    I use a Kingston 32GB SD card and I assume it's a bit old and slow cause my diskspeed feels a bit slow in Minimig. So I am gonna invest in a new SD card (also because my current SD card plastic case opened up accidentally.

    But - what is considered the best option here to get e.g. 32GB and the fastest IO ? Is it a samsung, a sandisk or a kingston ...or something else ?

    And what specs should I aim for. I want the best of the best and it has to be a MicroSD card (not fullsize) as I am gonna use it in an adapter.

    Suggestions, advises are welcome :)

  • Even if the extra signals required for faster transfers were available, the Minimig core is tied quite closely to SPI - that's not likely to change any time soon.

    (The original Minimig had a microcontroller, the SD card and several virtual peripherals in the FPGA core all sharing an SPI bus on the PCB. The Minimig core for Chameleon still uses that same logical structure, it's just that more of it is now inside the FPGA, and less of it - just the SD card and RTC - on the PCB.)