My C64 Reloaded MK2 Diode D8 has a that 'normal' ?

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  • I bought a C64 Reloaded MK2 from a gent who no longer wanted his.

    Board appears to work fully, but has an oddity that I'd like to ask about.

    There is a short section of white bodge wire on the Anode leg of the SMD diode D8.

    It looks like it was used to adapt the PCB footprint to accommodate a physically larger diode.

    I'm being told this is the way it came from iComp...

    I'm not really believing this story:/ on its face.

    But ... I suppose anything is possible, we've all seen factory boards with bodge wires.

    Has anyone else got a little bit of white bodge wire on their Diode D8 ?

    Was this really a factory option 8o


  • I'm being told this is the way it came from iComp...

    This diode breaks if a bad power supply is connected (reverse polarity or over-voltage). It looks like this has been replaced.

    If you give us the warranty ID if this unit, we can look up the history of the board.

  • Thank You,

    I didn't want to believe the board shipped like that from iComp ;)

    I had read about diode D8's function in the forum, and had guessed it based on the proximity to the inlet and switch.

    Would be nice to know what the correct replacement diode part number is ?

    Assuming the PCB was not damaged by whatever the 'power event' was, I can easy re-and-re that diode.

    I've got some lovely Koki 'extra lead' solder paste I keep in the butter cubby in the fridge ;(.

    I've seen people solder 'legs' or 'pig tails' onto SMD devices before, simply because they've never done SMD work before.
    I'm (fingers crossed) hoping that's all this is :)

    Even if the copper was damaged, I can mend that too, just more work, and a trip to the local PCB manufacturer for a thimble of matte black solder mask when I'm done, to make the repair disappear. I gotta go tell someone they accidentally, purposefully, misremembered the facts of how this diode got like this...

    If only there was a word for that :D

  • Would be nice to know what the correct replacement diode part number is ?

    That's a 12V Zener diode, type 1SMB5927BT3G (where the "T3G" part is "tape&reel", so you might need to remove that if you want to find the part in single pieces, not a few thousand on a reel). I'd have to look up the exact top marking, but from what you wrote so far, you should be able to verify if the part has been replaced with the correct one (I guess that's the reason why you're asking, and it perfectly makes sense to verify!).

    Our database server is up and running for the week. I can easily look up the QC picture to see how the board was really delivered. I'm pretty sure that we would have labelled such a board "not for normal sale" if such a (sloppy) repair would have been done here (aka "to be offered for example at a meeting at a discount after talking to the potential customer").

    If only there was a word for that

    No need for too much "correctness" here - I choose clear wording myself, and frequently hear/read "impolite" and "disrespectful" comments for my clear wording. Still, sometimes you have to call things what they are - after verifying the facts, that is.

  • Thank you again,

    Warrantee Tag ID send via PM :)

    1SMB5927BT3G Added to my DigiKey order

    Top Marking As found on board:


    Which is 1SMB5927

    Top Marking Expected by 1SMB5927BT3G:


    Well...that's a good's the right part at least. :D

  • Warrantee Tag ID send via PM :)

    The QC picture of this board (taken April 11th, 2018) shows nothing really special around that diode, so it must have been replaced by a different person. The first owner lives in California and has the initials P.R.