Mk3 artefacts go away when slight pressure is applied on Indivision

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  • I've been reading countless threads of people experiencing artefacts with various AGA Indivision models.

    Then I saw a Youtube video about a French guy who has the Mk1, then upgraded to the Mk3. He noticed that the artefacts went away by bracing his Indivision with a home-made "clamp"…hEt08E&ab_channel=LesDocs

    I see you coming with your pitchforks yelling "no! don't do it" but it's an undeniable fact that the artefacts completely go away when I apply a bit of pressure with my thumb on top of the Indivision.

    So save from building a brace like that, what else can I try? Cleaning the contacts with Alcohol? Because the issue is obvious, some contacts are not strong enough on the chip.

  • So save from building a brace like that, what else can I try?

    THis is obviosly a contact problem between Lisa and the main baord: A micro-crack in one of the solder joints.

    Just re-solder all pins, and the problem should go away.

    Nice to see that after 13 years, these flicker fixers are still in use!