BigRam 2630 and PeterK's icon.library

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  • To start I know this has nothing to do with a malfunctioning Bigram, I'm sure the board is working perfectly. I was just wondering if anyone knows how to make PeterK's icon.library work with the the Bigram installed. after I loadmodule icon.library the machine reboots but the icons which should now be working still appear as dots. When I remove the Bigram and perform the same loadmodule command the machine reboots and the icons work.

    Is there an added argument that I need to add, is it because of the Z3 ram? Does anyone know how to work around this?

    Thanks again for any help.

  • We've had a "hotfix" for the flash tool that was published last month in the German part of this forum:

    BigRAM 2630 Problem

    This one fixes the memory flags for the 112MB of memory. Please re-flash with this tool and see if it fixes loadmodule stuff.

  • Thanks, I grabbed that file. Is there a flash tool that I need to download or do I just run the "BigRam" file itself? If you could let me know what to do exactly I would be so appreciative.