A2000 rev 4 and Indivision ECS v2

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  • Hello!

    I was wondering does your Indivision ECS v2 work with the (in)famous German A2000 rev4 motherboard? On the wiki I see that only limitations are for 4.1 and 4.3 and that one capacitor, but with rev4 the orientation of Denise is different and physically the Indivision would fit. The rev4 is awful in regards with compatibility with different zorro cards and other expansions and this is why I'm asking.



  • I have never tried it myself, but don't expect too many problems from the pictures I have found on the net. I do have a Braunschweig-A2000a in my collection. I have acquired it as test-achine for the ACA2000, but since I'm not yet on that project, I didn't even check if the computer even works.

    Since the A2000a is largely based on the A1000, and that one works fine with Indivisino ECS and Indivision ECS V2, there are no electrical problems to expect.