ACE2b drawing distortions on-screen.

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  • While I do agree that one might think it does not have an influence, I just have "little to no" trust in TF accelerators, as the designs are open and they are as full of race conditions and metastability hazards as the old Apollo accelerators. The mere fact that you're the second person reporting problems, and both have a TF534 installed even leads me to thinking that the accelerator could have caused the malfunction in the first place.

  • Ok, I rolled back to the ´80s...


    KS 2.04

    Hires Denise

    no harddisk

    just ACE2b.

    --> Problem gone!

    ... put back Indivision ECSv2 --> Problem back.

    Somehow it seems to be the combination of Indivision and ACE2b since Problem doesn´t even exist if i put the TF534 back again (leaving out Indivision).

    Wild guess: Could it be that the Vcc buffer Caps on the Mobo are too small since the powerconsumption of these two extensions are higher than original ?? (Agnus C415; Denise C201?)

  • There's really lots of room for wild guesses here, but I think the best path is to replicate the problem here. What's the core revision you are using on Indivision ECS V2? Did you ever run a firmware update on that?

  • OK, will try to replicate this here - should be easy enough. The good news is that if it's bus contention, we can fix it with a firmware update for Indivision ECS V2.

  • Just backing him up this has nothing to do with the tf534 which I haven't run in a while and tested it with 68000, 68010, and 68030 on an A2630 as discussed previously. I am running the ECS v2 as well as mentioned by the other poster, though I haven't performed any updates since I received it.

    Hope to learn more, thanks.

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