Not fully working ACA1221LC

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  • I bought an ACA1221LC, a Rapid Road and an Indivision AGA MK3 to update my A1200

    After a few days, I connect the Rapid Road to my ACA and installed the latest version of Poseidon, but trident wont start the Rapid Road.

    There is no board to connect.

    If I connect the Rapid Road to the clockport of the A1200, it works fine.

    The ACA1221LC also works like it should (i think), but it seems like the clockport is not working.

    I already reset the ACA, but the problem stays.

    What can be the problem?

    The PSU is a lightweight 4,5 amp.

  • What can be the problem?

    The "fast" local clock port is not based on the ACA1221lc logic, but purely connections to the main board of the A1200. All signals are generated on the A1200 main board, namely by the Gayle chip. So the questions are:

    - is the past of the A1200 main board known? Was there any expansion installed on the Gayle chip in the past?

    - is the clock port of the ACA1221lc working in a different main board?

    and the most simple one:

    - are you sure that the RapidRoad made good contact, i.e. was it pushed all the way in?

  • Hi Jens,

    The history of this A1200 is unknown to me. You know how it works, have an Amiga, time passes and the Amiga is sold. Then the virus catches you and an other Amiga is bought.

    Ofcourse I pushed the RapidRoad to the max end, but it wil not connect.

    The only way to get the RapidRoad to work is connecting it directly to the mainboard.

    I will friendley ask Marvin to try this board in an other 1200, because I dont know anybody in my neigberhood with An Amiga.

  • again my problem with the combination ACA1221 and RapidRoad.
    See the pictures. First one connected to the clockport directly and the second picture connected to the ACA. It will not come online. Installed the driver serveral times, but No results. Anybody a clue?

  • I see an extremely long clock port cable in that picture. I strongly recommend to only use the supplied cable - the signal quality will degrade a lot on such a long cable. Even if you're reporting that the clock port connection works but the direct connection to ACA1221lc doesn't - you should never use such a long cable with unbuffered signals.

    The pictures are too small to read anything on the screen or see how the connector of the ACA1221lc looks. If you take a close-up, I may be able to tell if for example the connector has an unsoldered or missing pin.

  • I will install all again and make sure you get the high res pictures.
    I didnt want to reposition RapidRoad for the picture and it should be placed there where its on the picture, thats why the ‘long’ cable.
    picture is not that great, still figuring out the best video output on the mk3