Ace2B replacing existing Megachip install

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  • Endsjustify

    Changed the title of the thread from “AceB2” to “Ace2B replacing existing Megachip install”.
  • As I wrote in the product description of ACE2 and ACE2b, these expansions are the ones with the least possibility of error, as the amount of steps is a lot smaller than any other expansion before, and the things that have been installed in the computer before matter the least, compared to older designs. It also does not matter what connetions are made on JP2 - ACE2 and ACE2b will even work if the jumper is completely open.

    The step you're referring to makes sure that the trapdoor memory expansion is not mapped in at $c0.0000. You can leave this modification as-is.

    That said, ACE2b will not give you any advantage over the older DKB expansion. The Agnus is the same, memory speed is the same and compatibility with other expansions (such as accelerators) is also the same. I'd prefer to sell these rare expansions to people who don't have a chip ram expansion yet. If you insist on "having something new", then please offer your DKB expansion for sale, don't let it rest in a dark drawer.

  • I’m actually after your superior form factor. The low rise will allow my terrible fire to sit over it without risers. It’s been a battle getting everything to fit as is.

    My current megachip will certainly be back on the market once I purchase an ace2b.