Indivision AGA MK2 CR (A1200/A4000T) question - soldering on PCB?

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  • Hi,

    Today is delivered my new Indivision MK2 CR A1200/A4000T

    Not tested but after unpacking is on PCB visible memory IC very bad soldered - hand soldering work?

    Why? This is repaired hardware and again put on sale? (latest December 2018 batch)

    What warranty (in the future) on this issue? This soldering memory IC is "know/note" under my serial number? or all December 2018 batch has this?

    Thanks Pavel

  • Most of the units sold in december 2018 have one or more manual touch-ups. We take righ-resolution pictures of each unit, so any soldering can easily be identified as "factory" or "user-applied".

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