Palette Pref Choices not respected/weirdness?

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  • I want to preface this with 2 facts:

    1. I haven't used an actual RTG board in 25 years, and can't remember if this happened at the time or not. I also have forgotten everything about using them. So, RTG newbie.

    2. I don't have a physical RTG board available, so all I have is UAE.

    I am running 3.1.4, on a vaguely Amiga 2000 like setup in UAE. Last week I copied the WB drive and UAE config, and installed P96 driver (and updated again this week to pick up the recent fixes). Here's what i'm seeing, color-wise:

    • With a 256 color screen, and having changed NOTHING ELSE, the window background color and accent color for gadgets (not sure what this was in EN, I've got spanish up for testing, but something like "dark borders"), are not what is selected in the Palettes prefs.
    • If I open the Palette prefs and change "Bordes oscuros" to various colors, and then back to the dark gray, it will actually change colors. I exit with Save.
    • The next time I reboot, it will still show dark gray in Palette, but OS will not be using it. Can rejigger a bit and get it back, but have to do this after every reset. Note that you can't just select another color, then jump back. Seems to take a few tries for some reason.
    • I haven't tried same trick with the window (background) color yet, but possibly it's the same behavior.

    Screenshot: RTG/P96 3.1.4 on left, no RTG driver on right, 8 color OCS screen mode.

    Are all the P96 drivers equal? Would one be a better choice for UAE use?