Indivision ECS V2 ghosting

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  • I still think it is highly sensitive to what monitor and vga cable that are used. Like for instance. My Sony monitor....

    If I use it on my IndivisionECS V2, then I have never seen such ghosting on vertical scrolling in my entire life. It is in pinball dreams and fantasies. It is like really bad. And it is not only when using the IndivisionECS V2. When using that monitor on a 486dx33 ISA-Only motherboard with an Orchid ET4000 ISA card and playing Dynablaster in MS Dos 6.22, then all vertical lines will start to make a wave motion 0.5 centimeters to each side. And other games have troubles.

    Yet I need that monitor, as it gives perfect picture on my other Amiga500. That is a revision 8a.1 board, full ECS chipset and with an ScanPlusECS scandoubler that only outputs 50hz refresh rate.

    Yet on anything non-50hz and non-Windows98, it really sucks.

  • I would like to add that using the GGLabs A520HD for Component output from the Amiga RGB to a CRT TV the ghosting is present for me. It is much less visible but I did start to notice it when working in PPaint the other night. So for me at least it is not limited to only the VGA out from the Indivision ECS v2.

  • Any news how to fix the ghosting. I have a similar problem with my ECS v1.0 on my a600. I was interested in buying another one for my a500 but i want to solve this issue first.

    Dear Jens, has there been any fixes with ECS Version 1?



  • I'm experiencing ghosting on both a viewsonic and a BENQ monitor only when i connect the indivision ECS V1. I checked the RGB out on a 15khz BENQ monitor and the ghosting disappear. Does JENS replies here?

  • I do reply here, yes. I've purchased a Samsung monitor, as over in the German part of this forum, people reported that Samsung monitors show the worst ghosting.