AGA MK3 + Amiga 1200 connected via HDMI - vertical sync issue (rolling image)

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  • Hi,

    Just tried my AGA Mk3 / HDMI with my two Amiga 1200s that were previously using MK2 / DVI. Fitted everything according to the instructions, but the vertical sync on the monitor is "rolling" - the image keeps moving vertically up the screen and then repeating from the bottom very fast (see enclosed picture).

    Any ideas what might be causing this? I have 2 x 1200s and 2 x MK3 flicker fixers and I have tried all 4 combinations with the same result.

    Thanks in advance,


  • If you have two flicker fixers and two computers, it's bretty obvious that the error is not in one of them. Instead, I'd double-checK:

    - the power supply. You wouldn't dare to think how many cases are solved by "go back to the original COmmodore PSU and dump that MeanWell-based "new" power supply, which was sold to you with false advertising.

    - the monitor cable. These are especially prone to break if they are thin, and there's of course big money to be made on expansive cables. However, expensive and fancy-looking is not always good.

    - the monitor itself: If it's been used a lot, the connector might have come loose.

    - monitor settings: Try to find a menu item "reset to factory defaults", as funny settings in the menu might cause the monitor to mis-interpret a proper incoming signal.

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