CVsionPPC FAKENATIVEMODES Tooltype not taking affect

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  • The P96 installation archive contains an FAQ - please take the time to read that.

    FakeNativeModes must always be switched on with CVisionPPC. The P5 Firmware will overwrite the Display-Database and the vectors for the native modes will be "bent" to point to P5-functions. If you'd leave native modes in the system, then these P5-functions would be called, creating an uncontrollable chaos in the system.

    The latest version of rtg.library is smart enough to make the right decision if the Display-Database vectors are not overwritten. This will require tools that switch off these unwanted P5 patches. Please note that we're leaving official support territory here.

  • Thanks Jens for the information -- for the 3.0 version that I downloaded 2-3 months ago, it doesn't have that information. I unfortunately can no longer download any recent one as my 1 year I think is up.

    I'm somewhat disappointed as I have a second graphic card (ZZ9000) that has a good scan doubler and trying to see if I could use 2 monitors. With the FAKENATIVE, it seems like NTSC will not come to the Amiga output. Programs like VistaPro also doesn't show up well on the FAKENATIVE screens, unfortunately. This is just some feedback in case there is some possible future way for a safe workaround. I suppose OS4 CVisionPPC is doing it because it completely bypasses the P5 FW?

  • I suppose OS4 CVisionPPC is doing it because it completely bypasses the P5 FW?

    OS4 is a completely different story, as whatever the P5 ROM patches shortly after power-up will be replaced by OS4 booting. P96 has to deal with system structures already installed, while OS4 has P96 embedded in it's core.

  • Thanks Jens. I'm seeing a Tooltype in the docs for SwitchType=JAVOSOFT that indicates a switch from graphic card to Amiga video. Not clear on the docs how this is working (or what result I should see).

    Separately, I was remembering CGX allowed native Amiga NTSC mode. I went back to install CGX4 to see and indeed NTSC amiga video is available. I'm not sure how they achieved it....

  • Seeing hit when running overscan prefs (when only having CVisionPPC and NTSC in monitor drivers) which I think is related to P5 patch and having CVisionPPC driver loaded that forces the fake native mode. Overscan list comes up empty in the GUI.

    When not putting any monitor drivers into DEVS:Monitors, no issue and overscan prefs has 1 item in the list (NTSC). Some default one gets setup.

    Also, if I put like PAL in monitor drivers with CVisionPPC and NTSC, then overscan prefs is okay as well.

  • While the P5 patches are in your system, there is no point in making any further reports, be it with or without log file. FAKENATIVEMODES won't be available unless the P5 patches are removed.

  • Thanks Jens,

    Sorry for the confusion -- I was checking more on this. From what I'm seeing now, I *don't* have the P5 patches because normal NTSC modes are coming up with FAKENATIVEMODES =NO. When FAKENATIVEMODES =YES, fake modes do come up and then Overscan has issue. So FAKENATIVEMODES is definitely active. For the Overscan issue, I'm thinking now this might be more of a OS issue when overscan prefs sees 0 items in its screen list.

  • I didn't do anything to remove I was trying to use SaferPatches from Thor to view the patches but could not determine anything. I don't have SaferPatches installed anymore when I was doing the FAKENATIVEMODES tooltype on/off checking.

    The board I'm using is a phase5 CSPPC (not DCE) with the latest flash version from Ralph (not the official release one). Bootmenu and bootshell screens show on RTG but I don't think these are the patcches that P96 is looking for as FAKENATIVEMODES is enabled in Workbench. But if there is a way to find out what P5 patches I have, please let me know.

  • I have zero knowledge about P5 products. However, as long as you still have an unmodified flash version from Ralph, patches will be active, inhibiting proper function of FAKENATIVEMODES. Please work on that before doing any more bug reports.

  • This is getting frustrating, since p5 patches have little to do with the fake native switch.

    If it's off, it should not appear in any form, it was absent before it was introduced, and there were no issues with that what is happing now.

    early boot screenpromotion p5 patches get disabled when rtg software like CGX is initialised, the same should be true for P96.

    Also current P96 fakenative modes effect only but all main PAL resolutions,

    running native NTSC, Euro or DBLSCN modes has no effect on them, they are displayed properly on native output.

    When p5 screen promotion patches are in action, they promote PAL, NTSC and other screens to the RTG board.

    Actually not promote, but clone, since you see both outputs.

    P96 blanks out AGA completely, and fails to display native on rtg under many conditions.

  • This is getting frustrating, since p5 patches have little to do with the fake native switch.

    You seem to know better than Thor, who is maintaining P96. I should hire you. Please send your curriculum vitae to my eMail or the company address. Your insight into the P5 ROM code will be very valuable to further development of P96.

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