CA-PSU voltage reading

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  • Using my CA-PSU on an A600 with a 40mhz Furia. I've had no issues with the PSU and having the switch within reach is very convenient. While I was tracing a keyboard issue I measured 4.90V at the floppy connector. Is this within spec for this PSU? I thought it would keep the 5V rail nearer to 5V. Perhaps my meter is not calibrated or something.

  • 4.9V sounds indeed a bit low (should be at least 4.95V), but if you intend to do measurements at the "less than 1%"-level, I'm asking for the calibration protocol of your volt meter first.

    Further, the A600 is a dual-layer baord, so further voltage drop is happening between the input filter and the floppy power connector.

    My expectation is that you get a much lower reading with a different PSU.

  • I've done some further testing and you are correct. When connecting other power supplies, I'm getting 4.76V on my meter vs reading 4.93V today on the CA-PSU. As my meter is not calibrated, I'm more than happy with the reading. The A600 with a 40mhz Furia is stable with no issues.

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