CDTV Remote Control

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  • I do not know if many users use the CDTV pad but I think it would be interesting if the buttons could be reprogrammed. The A and B trigger buttons have the same function and giving the B button another function, for example jump (command above) would make many users, at least me, use it more in platform games.;)

  • This may break compatibility with other games. Essentially, it's a joystick-replacement, so it has four directions and the fire button. Any game that you can play with a joystick can also be played with the remote control, as you might have found already. If there is an additional "jump" that currently cannot be controlled with the remote, then it's also not possible to do that jump with a normal joystick.

    I wonder what type of game that is that cannot be controlled with a normal joystick?

  • It's just a suggestion and I do not think it influenced the compatibility. It would be just remapping the B button with another function, in this case the UP option.

    I have a joystick with 2 buttons, which do the same function, and I have remapped the second one so that it can jump with it. With many games like Sams Journey or any one in which you have to jump, it makes it easier, and more with the Crosspad of the CDTV pad.

  • If we play a game like Turrican which (if I recall correctly) uses Space bar for a weapon, can we add "spacebar" to a button on the cdtv-remote for extremely pleasant sofa-gaming (read: no ps2 keyboard needed) ?? :-)

  • SPACE is mapped to "0" on the remote, see appendix (13.3) in the manual

    as for user-customizable mapping, this is not easily doable due to the way the FPGA implementation works - it'd require quite a bit of reorganizing of the FPGA code and also we'd have to implement a user interface for it in the menu system of course. a lot of effort for little gain IMHO, so unlikely to happen (at least before we fixed the remaining bugs and left "beta")

  • Thanks Tobias. Good to hear Spacebar is found on the remote already. That'll help with many games using it for weapons. But I guess that is why you already mapped it in the first place ;-)

  • The "other" reson are intros to programs, which happen to all have a "press space to continue" property.

    The CDTV remote is a real eye-opener, and you'll soon ask yourself why something like this wasn't made back on the days, as the technology has been available.

  • I am seriously hovering over the chair and eagerly waiting for the Chameleon to arrive. And to use a real commodore remote -- that is just fantastic :)

    A little off topic, but does the new fpga have a larger capacity than the old one ? If yes: how much larger is it?

  • Another question about the remote. After using it for a few days I understand now what you mean. It is fantastic. It is super sensitive so I can pretty much aim it anywhere in the room I want, and the TC still receives it.

    My question: Many games uses Y/N inputs for trainers and stuff. Is there a way to get past them using the remote or do I need a keyboard for this ?

  • If the vol up/down produces the "+" and "-" then I would say that "y" and "n" is much more convenient.

    So -- I am just throwing this out as a wish. Pretty please, with sugar on top, change vol-buttons into Y/N buttons :D

  • And while I am at it: It would be very cool if the 2nd fire-button (which is autofire now) is the same as "JOY-UP" because many games are almost impossible to play if one has to jump with the arrow up while pressing it to the sides.

  • In case you have a code snipped to read the hexcode when it receives, see what happens if you hold one down and then another. To see if it sends the button "last pressed" or if it produces a new hexcode :) That's be AWESOME if it did. :D