Revert accidental live configuration mode changes

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  • Is there a way to cancel/revert accidental changes made during live configuration mode?

    I sometime enter LCM as a temporary way to view current settings if the OSD timeout has been set to 0, so it’s useful, apart from risking changes to screen position.

    Ideally another keyboard combination could be created to toggle regular OSD display.

  • That would be "re-read saved configuration from flash" - we don't have a direct "undo" as a key combination, because there may be more than one configuration that fits the current output of the computer. You toggle through the list of modes with the X key while in live config mode if I remember right - this is hardly documented yet, as the feature is not completely developed, and I can't try it right now, because the desk is filled with a different project. However, the X key should act like an "undo" key in most current cases, as I doubt that too many people have multiple configs for a single input mode at this point.

  • I do t recall seeing a “re-read saved configuration from flash“ option. X key didn’t work for me.

    Like I wrote - the feature isn't documented yet, and some work on the flash tool also needs to be done to support multiple configurations for the same Amiga-screen mode. I may be wrong with the X key.