aca1221ec can't slot onto A1200 edge connector

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  • I recently purchased a 1221ec and have no problem inserting it into my first A1200, and it works fine.

    However, with my second A1200 the 1221ec can't slot onto A1200 trapdoor edge connector properly - it can't slide all the way down.

    I've used a 8mb ram card on both A1200s with no issue.

    Does anyone know of any problems with the A1200 edge connectors? Were there any small variations in their sizes, enough to create a problem with the 1221?

  • All I can say is: be very careful. Jens is sending me a new edge connector for my ACA1233n due to a pin getting smashed during an install into an A1200. The ACA worked great with the ACA500+ cards I have, but the A1200 must have a rough edge on the expansion connector. I'll have to desolder the edge connector and solder on a new one... which is going to be a whole lot of not very much fun.

    Before I try another accelerator in the A1200 I'm going to take some 600 grit sandpaper (or finer) and carefully chamfer the edges of the card connector. Not something I'd recommend in general, but after killing my ACA1233n I'm going to make sure it doesn't have anything to catch on the card slot pins.

    You might, just to make sure, check in the card slot of your 1221ec just to make sure all the pins look fine.

  • The weird thing is that the 1221ec slots into my first a1200 no problems.

    But on the second a1200, it only slots in partially, not all the way down.

    I'll be receiving an aca500plus so I'll check it on that - I expect it will have no problems.

    I was just wondering if anyone else has had problems slotting 1221ec into their a1200.

    But I will do what you said: check the 1221 doesn't have any smashed pins..

  • Depending on the screw dome near the CPU slot, the screw may push the main board further down than in a different case. Please try loosening the screw and see if that makes a difference; if it does, maybe a washer or two under the main board will help. This may also be a result of the lower shield being removed.

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