ACA1221ec Stock

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  • The ACA1221EC will be replaced by the ACA1221LC early next year. Technical data is almost identical, but there will be two versions: One with a 16MHz CPU clocked at 20MHz on a blue circuit board, and another with a 25MHz CPU clocked at 26.67MHz on a red circuit board.

    The processors on these cards are also 68ec020, but they are in QFP package (SMD). We do get 68ec020 in PGA package every now and then, and will assemble these on ACA1221ec, so that product is not completely phased-out. Just monitor the product page.

  • Hi. Is it possible to buy fully assembled ACA1221ec board but without PGA processor? I have spare MC68020RC33E. It would fit just perfect. I don't care about guarantee if you ask me. Say YES and I will contact you trhu



  • MC68020RC33E would not fit the ACA1221ec, as that design is for the 68ec020. The CPU you have there is a full 6020 with 4G address space instead of 16M.

    The board you'd be looking for would be the ACA1221 (without EC), which has 64M physical memory. Unfortunately, that's completely sold out. We have a few spare CPUs here, but no boards left.

  • HI,
    Do you have any guestimate for when ACA1221LC will be launched?
    An accelerator for the 1200 is the last piece on the list for my buyingspree of commodore machines and accessories...

  • I hope to have them next month. The ACA1221LC still needs some love in terms of software and documentation, then we can start mass-flashing, testing and packing them.

  • The programmer who does the software for the ACA12xx cards is currently working on a problem that we have with the Buddha controller. However, the ACA1221LC cards are not forgotten, and there will be enough for the rest of the year, I'm pretty sure abot that :-)

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